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SIXTIES BEAT was created to make available of all, forty personal years archives, cases of discs and CDS, photographs, Musical magazines, press cutting, posters etc
Sixties Beat is entirely dedicated in " British and Américan Music " the 50's, 60's and 70's.
Thank you for your visit and see you soon on SIXTIES BEAT.

PhIl Taylor





Les Gottamou ( Nino Ferrer )

Ronnie Bird

Noel Deschamps


Dan Et Vanny ( FR )

Les Rangers ( FR )


Les Gypsys

The Sevens

The Tages

The Tages

Los Brincos

The Hitmakers

The Sheiks

The Shake Spears

The Yankees

The German Bonds

The Klan

Sandy Coast

Les Baroques

The Jay Jays

The Incrowd

The Golden Earrings


Chubby Checker With De Maskers

Jimmy & The Rackets

The Swinging Soul Machine

The Rattles

The Rattles

Peter & The Blizzards

The Motions

The Motions

The Odd Persons

The Outsiders

The Lords

The Lords

Johnny Kendall

Jenny & The Rascals

The Honest Men


The Haigs

Cuby + Blizzards

The Bintangs

The Faces

The Boots

The Counts

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